Our many friends and the efforts they support

  • Rock No War: Towards school fees and medicines
  • ASI/International Medical Association: School fees, medicines, repair of vehicles and equipment
  • Casa Aperta: Medicines
  • Rotary Trieste Nord: Medicines
  • Lesley Lysaght
  • Paul Ramsay Foundation: Safe House construction, agricultural inputs for 2019-2020 season
  • Sarita Kenedy East Foundation: cervical cancer prevention and the VIAC program
  • Dr. Lowell Schnipper and Hester Hill Schnipper and the grateful patients of Dr. Schnipper’s: shipping containers, VIAC clinic, solar power
  • Better Healthcare for Africa and its donors: the poultry project, solar water pump, solar batteries, laboratory expansion, pharmaceuticals and other critical needs
  • St. Louis College of Pharmacy International Student Organization: poultry project, solar water pump, construction of the reservoir dam
  • Bambisana
  • Payne Foundation: laboratory and hospital equipment
Photo of a tractor provided to St. Albert's by the Paul Ramsay Foundation.

Tractor provided in 2018 by the Paul Ramsay Foundation.