St. Albert’s Mission Hospital has implemented a number of innovative programs designed to help sustain the hospital and cope with Zimbabwe’s ongoing economic challenges.

(We will provide links to a description of each project soon.)

  • Field Project
  • Horticulture — Garden Project
  • Water Project
  • Poultry Project
  • Aquaculture/Fish Project
  • Goat Project
  • Biogas Project
  • Waiting Mothers Home Nutritional Garden
  • Kiosk/Tuckship

Several of these programs serve both the hospital and the community

  • The Agriculture, Poultry, Fish and Goat Projects help provide meals for hospital patients and help meet a community need for food and nutritional protein at a more affordable cost;
  • The Water Project provides potable water to the hospital, a primary and secondary school, the parish, mission staff, domestic workers and dependent relatives, a population of around 3,000 people;
  • The Poultry, Fish and Goat Projects generate income for the hospital;
  • The Biogas Project reduces hospital overhead and helps ensure a fuel supply to the kitchen.